Commonwealth and Council

but the object must survive

Véronique d'Entremont


Commonwealth & Council presents but the object must survive this destruction by Véronique d'Entremont.

Exploring transitional phenomenon and Object relations theory, Véronique d’Entremont’s been through fire is an object produced though a series of actions, some violent and some tender (i.e., binding, incinerating, cushioning and supporting). These actions  conflate the physical necessities of the object with emotional needs. What remains visible in been through fire is an indexical trace of its former objecthood.      

Veronique d'Entremont received her MFA from UCLA in  2012 and is a recipient of a Joan Mitchell MFA Grant. d'Entremont  explores and invents alternative processes for working with materials, particularly those with the potentials for physical transformations, as allegories for social and psychological phenomena.