Commonwealth and Council

From the United States to Mexico, From Mexico to the United States

Renée Petropoulos & El Nopal Press with Cirilo Domine & Sandeep Mukherjee


Commonwealth & Council presents From the United States to Mexico, From Mexico to the United States, a sequence of seventeen prints using a single plate and four companion prints made in collaboration between Renée Petropoulos and El Nopal Press.

The process of printmaking is at the center of each project, layer upon layer of material, an additive process which slightly fades with each impression. The resulting prints are conversations between printmaker and artist. Discussions of each other’s histories, positions, or roles in the process of production take life and interact on each print displayed throughout the gallery. The companion print approaches the idea of representation, quite literally, as it conceals and reveals the process of production in the order of its legibility. 

For the opening, other layers of collaboration intersect the space as Petropoulos' Sculpture for an Art Opening and a Fashion Show becomes center stage for models to parade garments designed by Cirilo Domine & Sandeep Mukherjee. Folding and subtraction are used as two complementary processes in the textile collaboration between Domine and Mukherjee. Bleaching, collage, and patchwork are enmeshed in a play of cartographic and celestial abstraction further enhanced by Greg Lenczycki, who creates a live sound mix for the fashion show based on conversations recorded by Petropoulos throughout the organizing of the exhibition including the fitting sessions with the models.