Commonwealth and Council

Future Gold

Julie Tolentino & Stosh Fila aka Pigpen


As a salve, a mellified body, and a gift to Commonwealth & Council, Julie Tolentino and Stosh Fila aka Pigpen permanently embed a remnant of their recent performance, HONEY/Abu Dhabi (January 2014), into the space. Containing gold thread and saliva-infused, rare and wild-crafted Yemeni honey, Future Gold is a steel-lined glass capsule that replaces a single concrete block from the walled-up window where the artists’ text mural, ECHO VALLEY (2013), remains on view. Over the course of a year since RAISED BY WOLVES (2013)—a multi-tiered exhibition of installation, objects, ephemera, and performance—Tolentino and Pigpen have been gradually obfuscating ECHO VALLEY in preparation for the arrival of Future Gold. Keenly attuned to the disjointed past of CW&C’s physical space that range from a lost stairway set afire to a once-concealed window, the artists expose the wounds of the building’s past to imbue the space with radiant flux and circulatory flow.