Commonwealth and Council


Sarah McMenimen


Influenced both by scientific and ritualistic lexicons, Sarah McMenimen converts the space into a laboratory to carry out various procedures engaged in cycles of transformation. Without a given hypothesis to prove, the results are tactile, temporal, and accept the lack of an absolute resolve.

EXOcise looks at concentric economies of representation with materials that find form via their interiority or containment. The  videos document futile processes that lack a tangible object. The first video shows grapefruits pushing through a bifurcated hole—extracted into a state of formlessness. The second video, shot from an interior viewpoint, records a whirlpool of fluid gushing through the hole that released the fruits. The third video collages images of fermented fruits being peeled, showing a cycle that begins anew as soon as it ends.

Tattooed on the skin of each fruit are drawings that relate to tasks documented by the camera. While in various states of perishability, these fruits reflect on the meaning and value of each action, as well as the physical processes and drives enacted in order to understand their presence and embodiment.