Commonwealth and Council

Commonwealth & Council at the Collective Show


Collective Show is pleased to present “Collective Show Los Angeles 2011,” an artist-organized exhibition of contemporary art groups recently established in Los Angeles. This collaboratively curated “group show of group shows” features artist-run spaces and projects formed in the past five years.

 Previously realized in New York in 2009 and 2010, Collective Show exhibits local art groups that work in a growing space between established non-profit organizations and commercial galleries. These groups explore a wide range of collaborative approaches and missions, often in flexible and adaptive conditions with an emphasis on communities and conversations.

 Over 30 groups will exhibit artwork, publications and posters during the show at a newly renovated space in Chinatown. In addition, screenings, performances and talks will take place during the exhibition. A catalogue will accompany the exhibition and will be available at 

Participating groups include: 323 Projects, Actual Size Los Angeles, Adrian Piper Gallery, Art 2102 of Los Angeles, ACP (Artist Curated Projects), CANAL, Commonwealth and Council, CUBO, Dan Graham, Darin Klein & Friends, Eighteen Thirty Collaborations (ETC), Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0 *particle group* b.a.n.g. lab, Elephant, The Elysian Park Museum of Art, Eternal Telethon, Human Resources, J Moca (Justin’s Museum of Contemporary Art), LA Pedestrians, Los Angeles Road Concerts, MATERIAL, Monte Vista, [Name], NIGHT GALLERY, Open Arms, Public Address, Public Fiction, The Public School, Silvershed, Statler Waldorf Gallery, Summer Camp, Workspace, WPA, and upcoming Collective Show hosts: Ditch Projects (Oregon) GIBSMIR-Family (Zurich) and Secondhome Projects (Berlin). Collective Show Los Angeles 2011 is organized by artist groups ACP (Artist Curated Projects), Human Resources, [Name], Night Gallery, Public Fiction, The Public School, Silvershed, Statler Waldorf Gallery and Workspace. Collective Show was founded by collaborators from New York and Los Angeles, and aims to further creative relationships by providing an open-source format for locally organized shows. Collective Show is not-for-profit, volunteer organized, and is free and open to the public. To learn more about Collective Show, please visit us online at: