Commonwealth and Council

Thank you for supporting our Council Fund.


Ann Soh Woods

Beate and Christopher Chee

Kristin Rey and Michael Rubel

Liana Krupp

Matrice and Ron Kirk 

Miyoung Lee and Neil Simpkins

Ruby Osorio and York Chang


Ann Soh Woods

Bene and Martin, our amigos de la casa

Christopher Yin and John Yoon

Cynthia Vargas and Dave Owen

Deborah Irmas

The Flow Automotive Collection guided by Flow Advisory 


Kavior Moon and Uday Ram

Kristin Rey and Michael Rubel

Margaret Morgan and Wesley Phoa

Miyoung Lee and Neil Simpkins

Mohn Family Trust

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles with funds provided by Margaret Morgan and Wesley Phoa

Patrick Collins

Sean Leffers

Tanatip Arunanondchai

Through the challenges and uncertainties of 2020, we had generative conversations with our family of artists, rerooting ourselves in the values of generosity, hospitality and collective flourishing upon which the gallery was founded ten years ago, in a one-bedroom apartment on Commonwealth Avenue and Council Street. We recommitted ourselves to visioning a gallery that can be a community, platform, and laboratory for ambitious, radical art—in myriad forms including education and public projects—championing minoritarian voices, and building a support structure that subverts the winner-take-all star system often found in the art world. The Council Fund is one of the initiatives that emerged from these conversations. We asked our supporters if they might consider contributing some (or all) of the customary discounts extended to a discretionary fund that would support needs outside of the traditional scope of the gallery. The artists would decide together how to allocate the monies: discussions thus far have prioritized making sure all artists have health insurance, providing aid for personal emergencies, and supporting non-commercial ambitious projects.