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Nikita Gale


1. The Holocene is the current geological epoch characterized by the domestication of flora and fauna making way for large scale agriculture, and more sedentary, geographically stable human civilizations.

2. HOLLOWSCENE is an eggcorn of Holocene. An eggcorn is an intentional misspelling or misinterpretation of a term that may give rise to a new meaning. A hollow scene is a seemingly uninhabited space.

3. Hollowness has the potential to be filled. It’s a temporary condition. Early hollow earth theories and mythologies told stories of the earth being hollow and containing inner worlds with inhabitants that went completely undetected by the Earth’s outer crust.

4. Solastalgia is the lived experience of negative environmental change.

5. Calcium is the fifth most abundant mineral on earth and the most abundant mineral in the human body, making up 99% of the human skeleton. As above so below.

6. Calcite is the primary building block of most cave systems and the substrate upon which the earliest evidence of human drawings and markmaking was recorded. Calcium carbonate is said to have a preservative effect which is why these cave drawings have been protected from environmental elements. Calcium is also used in concrete and gypsum, the primary material used in drywall. New caves.

7. In cases where a body is damaged beyond recognition, teeth (by way of dental records) are sometimes used to verify identity.

8. Accumulation. Some things happen so slowly that it feels like nothing is happening at all.

9. A hyperobject is an object that is so massive that it transcends human scales of attention and perception. This show is some kind of hyperperformance.

— Nikita Gale, 2022