Commonwealth and Council




Believe me when I say script: Its pretty magnificent- it changed the presence- snip, snip, snip- who’s we?- awkward pause- get dressed- Your power- I felt it- snip, snip- We’d have to get an atomic bomb- And a helicopter- and some big fucking guns- brainwashing- snap- get out of here- poof its gone- we would be a unit- we wouldn’t be competitive- go as a team- snip, snip, snip- ffoooogh- belly poke- welcome it- say hello- ball of joy- orifice- big hole- hand holepausesnip- breaking those out- walls up- to fend off- you don’t let the other stuff in- ffffhhhh- pause -snap snap- putting your force fields up- pshssshphsh- hands up- we have the force fields up as a mode of survival- snip-what if that was a choice?- it is a choice isn’t it? pause- do it- learn- (breath of holy air)- sun glasses on- on fire- snipsmile- who’s you?- nod- Would you know a name?- hand rub- You’re the hero- Earth’s here- You’re here- Heaven’s here- And you’re here- Hell’s down here- You’re here and you’re here- How did we get here?- On another plane together- Right here- What would you be doing?- Hmmmm- Control system- Human body- God’s just gonna wipe it way-right here- snip- control- this one- splah- and this one- pggoohhh- A-B-A-B-A-B-A-B- snip- there’s a boundary that’s been pushed away- take it down- Do you think we could do that?- Believe me I have thought about it- I can’t even think about doing something like that- Listen- There’s a lot of shit that you don’t know- snip- there’s rules being made- snip- I have no training or practice- It’s ok you can learn from me- stand- hand wipebelly poke- white clouds and cotton candy, poofy shit- snip- we’ve never tried to leave either- I’m always carrying the worms around-entered through the back door- Who’s done it?- down here we got a thing going on- there’s no good and bad- poofs- you gotta get your hands on that shit- go fetch that- mmmmaaaa- the binary- 2- tighten- squeezing you together like that fucking tight- snip, snip- blllobllooogh- in betweens- What’s the in between?- next level- expand- take the inside pull it out- shifting- where are we going?- We would walk there together- nothing can be that certain- mmmmaaaggghhhall the adults have died- pfffppfppfppff- belly pokepause- you know the back story right? going forward- it takes a brave soul to really head out there and do what you’re gonna do- 3-1-2-3-1-2-3- 3s as far as we can go right now- I want those nice shoes- I want that nice shirt- Is that the shield?- I’ve become an adult- A-B-C- 100%- snip- eeewww- snip- I’m not trying to just shoot you down- I have no idea what’s going on- eyes closed- in and out and through- snip-split is going vertically- we’d be on this side- this is the other side- being-being- period- in out and through- oh yeah yeah right right right- we’d have to have a secret language- snip, snipbelly poke- own it- decorate it, renovate it- its the actual constructed- live in it- A confident super hero always wears his costume every minute of the day- snip, snip, snip- if we got caught and we fail- capacity- is your world like a good and a bad?- yeah, probably- we can’t have that- you got a lot to learn- this is me teaching you- belly pokeeyes closed- snip- I didn’t realize things were gonna change- snip- check it prayer stair- magic- a lot has changed- tick tick- wooshhooo-and I wanna hang out for a while- this is a new place a new territory- explore a little bit- listen-you ready for it?- snip, snip- yeah I can handle that- I’m pretty cool- I can do whatever I want-the journey over there- you wanna take me on this journey- snip, snip, snip- you don’t jump ship to a smaller ship- you’re not really a risk taker?- I’m unclear about exactly the journey- snip-yawn-well me too- I just know I want to go- I’m not making any promises- It takes some confidence- you got to practice- living- snipbelly poke- where are we going?- and you want me to go with you?- You can’t go alone?- I don’t know man I don’t have it in me yet- alright- yeah but- flick- it’s not sustainable- there’s not enough resources- check it- its all connected- its ingrained- ffffffff- oooooooo- snip, snip- walking on air- you kind of got to destroy God- God is pretty powerful- would you be able to tell?- 3 has a limit- What’s the opposite of that?- Not being able to comprehend, misunderstanding, confusion, complexities, layers, misalignment- fthsh-jerking off- what if we just sat here in our underwear?- you’re taller- you’re short- snip, snip, snip- What is death?- snip, snip, snip- what if it is real?- ooooo- loving you- snip loving you- You think I have magic?- snip- Do you have magic?- snip- you’re a baby- snip- who’s the 3?- snip-What’s a who?- snip- Who’s the who?- snip- learn from the one’s you want to learn from-, snip, snip- remember always to listen- snip, snip, snip- what the fuck are you doing?- special togetherness- culminating a relationship- snip, snip, snip- What was the question?- It’s not right, and its not wrong- snip, snip, snip- believe me when I say- snip, snip- blablallaallg- believe me when I say- snip, snip, snip- knock knock- wapush- Who are you?- snip, snip, snipyawnsnip, snip, snipstair- smile- snip, snip- believe me when I say- snip, snip, snip- in time- blowing a kiss- snip, snip, buzz- completing sigh- are you there?- God is here- happiness + disappearing act. 

Laub is an artist living and working in Los Angeles using glass, video, drawing, performance and music. Laub pulls traditions from an idealist, southern, christian upbringing and meshes this together with a colorful, queer, angst to construct and deconstruct patterns of Utopia. Laub graduated with an MFA in Glass from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012 and with a BFA in Craft/Material studies from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2008. Laub studied Design at Bornholm School of Glass and Ceramics in Denmark in 2009. If you have any questions please call Laub at 323 810 5295.