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Phoenix Rising, Part 3: laub, me, and The Revolution (The Theory of Everything)

Jennifer Moon


laub, me, and The Revolution (The Theory of Everything) is the last installment of Jennifer Moon’s Phoenix Rising Saga series: a fearless, three-part exploration of boundless love in its unadulterated form, free from cultural and personal motivations.

With diagrams, charts, and models, Moon’s collaboration with laub converts the exhibition space into a science fair fully equipped with a laboratory. Referencing the principles of physics, quantum mechanics, astrophysics, and microbiology, Moon and laub test their theory of expansive, relational love and present their experiment to merge with one another on parallel planes of existence.

Assembled using K’NEX and Habitrail tubes, Moon and laub’s Jennifer laub Smasher is modeled after the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s most massive particle accelerator. Miniature figurines of Moon and laub stand before the entrance of this machine, waiting to be smashed together in search of the “faith particle,” hypothesized to exist in the all-encompassing dark matter that can free us from belief entities that inhabit us like parasites. Moon and laub propose that faith is an alternative to the popular concept of love bound in capitalism. In the adjacent glass laboratory, Moon and laub set up a transplant station for fecal swapping to merge their “gut fairies” in a symbiotic relationship. Recent discoveries in microbiology claim that the trillions of microbes or “gut fairies” communicate with our enteric nervous system (or second brain), influencing the way we perceive and interact with the world.

In the accompanying video, 3CE: A Relational Love Odyssey, Moon and laub invite us to take part in their Cosmos-inspired journey as we learn to listen to our “gut fairies” instead of belief entities that reside in our minds:

“…to surf the empathic waves of relational love; encounter entities that have taken up residence in our minds and…in our gut who collectively teach us how to feel…”

“…to search the unobservable and unreachable regions of dark matter…for proof of unadulterated forms of faith and love that never die.”

As the duo state at the end of the video: “Our journey is just beginning.”

Jennifer Moon is an artist, adventurer and writer living in Los Angeles. The foundation of Moon’s practice is her self-authored movement, The Revolution, a “way of being” laid out in two principles: Definition of Abundance and Definition of Expansive. Her work was included in Made in L.A. 2014 at the Hammer Museum, where she received the Mohn Public Recognition Award for her installationPhoenix Rising, Part 2: Eros vs. Agape.